Delivery times vary based on product availability, order processing times, packaging and shippers’ schedules.

Quipostore is active all over the world. It does not deliver directly, but stipulates agreements with carriers in order to optimize delivery services in every area of the globe.
Our courier is currently AIREXPRESS, based in Novegro di Segrate (Milan) - http://www.airexpress.it
By clicking the courier’s web site page it is possible to ascertain the status of one’s package by using the identification number that Quipostore gives the customer when the order is shipped.

Any eventual customs duties for imports (the export costs are included in the price) will be charged at the time when the package reaches the country of destination.

Consignment times refer to working days and reflect average times from the day the items leave the warehouse. The relative delivery times are as follows:

Mainland Italy: 18/36h
Italian islands (Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria) 48/72h
European Union 18/36h
Eastern Europe 48/72h
New York / USA 24/48h
Middle and Far East 48/72h
Rest of the World 72/96h

For more information and details, click here for the table showing international destinations and the relative consignment times.

The shipping costs for overseas shipments have been subdivided into zones to make the tables easier to read. To view the list, click here.

The delivery charges are calculated on a maximum weight of 2 kilos.

These fares could change in case of deliveries abroad according to the real weight of the order. Quipostore will communicate the actual fare during the order processing.

Shipping costs are as follows:

ITALY Euro 10,00
ZONE 1 / 2 Euro 20,00
ZONE 3 Euro 35,00
ZONE 4 Euro 30,00
ZONE 5 Euro 50,00
ZONE 6 / 7 Euro 40,00
ZONE  8 / 9 Euro 45,00
ZONE 10 Euro 85,00